Lil Jackson Andrew "Jacky" Nightblade is the childhood version of Jacky Nightblade, featured in Lil Hawk & Croc. He is a very pretty five-year-old boy whose gender is constantly mistaken.

Lil Jacky is the only child of Jacqueline and Andrew Nightblade. Jacqueline desparately wanted a baby girl. Andrew agreed that they could name their son "Jackson," and call him "Jacky" for short, to appease his wife. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nightblade went a bit too far in her want for a girl, and encouraged young Jacky to pursue growing his naturally beautiful, curly hair. Also unfortunately for Jacky, his genetics betrayed him and gave him wonderfully long eyelashes.

As a result, most of the kids think Lil Jacky is a girl.

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